1GAM February - Escape the Sewers

Continuing with the with the one game a month jam! Again I've convinced @_vixed to help out with pixel art, and this is our effort for February.

There have been issues with the Unity3D WebGL export this month, I believe it doesn't like my use of generics in my pathfinding classes, I may try to adapt the code into something that does work with the WebGL export, if only for making a better bug report to Unity. For now here are the downloads:

This uses much of the content (sounds, characters / enemies / items - but not the terrain tiles!) from Mozilla's BrowserQuest, as the focus for this month was trying to make a game which was easy to mod using Unity.

All the sprites can be altered, and it is possible to add new items and enemies to the game purely with JSON and a png spritesheet. You can also 'paint the map' using an image editing program, as the map is built from a image with a key along the bottom identifying the tiles! Just take a look in the EscapeTheSewers_Data/StreamingAssets/ folder.

If you'd like to read more I'm keeping a tumblr for the #1GAM, at, and there's a little introductory post to why I'm attempting #1GAM.