1GAM March - Taranis

A Wipeout inspired time trial anti-gravity racing game for One Game a Month. This one was delayed by the graphics card in my laptop dying horribly on the final weekend of the month, and some odd issues with global illumination.

Offered as standalone downloads once again to ensure that gamepads can be used for input. That said I've only been able to test with an OUYA pad, hopefully should work okay with other gamepads!

I was aiming to recreate the flight mechanics from the original wipeout (which I played on the Sega Saturn) where the tilt of the ship mattered, and it was frustratingly difficult to stay in the confines of the track! I believe I more or less achieved this!

If you've never played the original Wipeout an extremely impressive reverse engineer of the models by Dominic Szablewski is available to view online at

If you'd like to read more I'm keeping a tumblr for the #1GAM, at, and there's a little introductory post to why I'm attempting #1GAM.