ZeroG (WebGL)

For my first foray into WebGL worked to reproduce and improve my first DirectX game, ZeroG. Rather than use one of the many frameworks that have already popped up I had a go at building my own engine in JavaScript, for the fun of it! I've decided to call the engine 'Gremlin'.

Play the ZeroG Alpha

Working with low level shaders from the off was actually been far easier than working through the beginner functions more heavy-weight frameworks provide, with much better results. I really enjoying programming in JavaScript, this combined with fact there's plenty of support, discussion and online resources, I can heartily recommend WebGL as a learning experience.

Solutions for some of the pitfalls I encountered I've covered on the tutorials page.

You can view the code on bitbucket @, but as my first JavaScript app, it's a bit messy!

I worked on this project on and off for several months, it was a great learning experience, and there's a lot I still wanted to do, but I planned to come back to WebGL projects once HTML5 is a slightly more developed platform for games development.

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